EDI-Link for Sage

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) is a commonly used form of managing transactions between customers and suppliers, particularly in the Retail sector. Many EDI systems however, do not have the capability to link with a supplier’s accounting system.

EDI-Link, as developed by Dayta, provides that link for Sage and Access Accounting users, with leading EDI Managers such as Bluejay Solutions, GXS and TrueCommerce.

Key Features of EDI-Link

  • Automatic Processing of incoming sales orders and outgoing invoices, as well as the ability to generate advanced shipping notices (ASN)
  • Translation Tables to map your customer’s codes for delivery and products to your own. The software also handles barcode translation to your Sage product codes.
  • SAP Tracking can be enabled (through automatic matching of the number of lines on the Invoice/ASN to the original Sales Order)
  • Exception handling can be configured where acceptable anomalies exist, such as mismatching on batch quantities
  • Validated Orders for customer codes, credit limits and available stock levels – including holding orders for customers on ‘stop’
  • Sales Ledger is automatically updated as part of successful transactions
  • EDI Links to Other Systems. ASCII interface available to integrate EDI-Link with many accounting/SOP systems.