Sage Support for Academies

The products we support for academies are:

  • Sage For Education
  • Sage 200

We don’t expect users to remember everything we teach them! The support desk is there to take all your questions and we expect regular calls from you in the first few weeks of go live. We encourage you to pick up the phone with any queries so we can help you to get things right first time. It’s also comforting to know that Sage is very easy to use with options to undo allocations, reverse transactions etc.

As part of your support contract we keep the statutory reports up to date with any ESFA changes in time for year end.

The support desk is open 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday excluding bank holidays and at Christmas shutdown period.

We use TeamViewer to be able to dial in to your PC and see your screen.


Training for Academies

As well as a mobile training kit we use for training at your school, we have training facilities at our own offices. Each trainee has the use of a laptop and we set up the software specifically for them. We train a maximum of 4 people at any one time and can break the training into morning and afternoon sessions, so users can get on with their day jobs and only sit it on sessions that are relevant to them.  During Covid, we can also offer online training to existing customers.

A timetable is agreed beforehand tailoring the topics to suit you. Full course notes are also tailor-made, complete with screen shots that relate directly to your school’s own settings.