GH Sheldon is a leading family-owned wholesale bakery, established in 1949 by Harold Sheldon. They produce high quality traditional and delicious products such as bottom muffins, rolls, baps, teacakes and buns.


This established bakery’s share of sales had increased due to grocery multiples such as Asda, Tesco and Sainsbury’s and since most transactions are managed through EDI, sales orders needed to be converted into invoices via Sage 200 business accounting software.


GH Sheldon was advised by its EDI provider to contact Dayta, as we are able to provide a link between the two systems. In 2010, EDI-Link was implemented and GH Sheldon continues to use it. The system is flexible enough to cope with variations in customer delivery requirements together with their accompanying documentation making it a versatile solution.

Dayta maintains and updates the EDI-Link, working with GH Sheldon to provide any changes that occur through business growth.

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