What is Sage 200?

The “bigger brother” of Sage 50, using a SQL database and capable of dealing with large amounts of data and complex transactions.

Should I be considering Sage 200?

Over recent years we have seen many Academies grow in their own right and form MATs which then start to expand, and there comes a point where the original Sage 50 solution starts to struggle and it is time to upgrade to Sage 200. The questions posed at this stage are “How do I know it’s time to upgrade?” and “How easy is it to do?”

In this article we are going to look at both of those questions and consider some other factors too.

Sage 50 is a great value, simple to use software solution, however it does have its limitations, and as Academies start to grow the numbers of users and departments can grow dramatically with it. This is a key trigger for the upgrade to Sage 200, with its unlimited database you can add users and departments as required.

If you are looking for a single database for all of your member schools then Sage 200 can handle this with ease. The benefits include:

  • Individual school and consolidated reporting
  • You can operate with a single bank account across the whole trust and use the automatic reconciliation feature to make life even easier

Sage 200 also boasts web-based purchase requisitions so anyone with the internet can request a purchase, from any device, and still go through a full approval process.

You have control over the range of dates that can be entered for transactions, this means you can control which period and year transactions can be entered too.

You can have up to 20 accounting periods in a year. They can be open or closed and, subject to access rights, you can control how many are open and what can post into them.

There is a structured pathway to move up to Sage 200 and you will be supported and advised by our team of experts throughout the whole process, and your familiarity and expertise with Sage software makes the transition simple and seamless.

We will be there to provide support and training for you. Our training is all hands-on, delivered in person to groups of up to 4 people. We have a mobile training room that we can bring to your school. Hand-outs are provided to assist with using Sage once you are back at your desk.

If you would like more information about the Sage 200 Academy Solution to see if it’s right for you please call us on 01296 770007 and we will organise a demo for you.